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The organisers of the Braidwood Quilt Event are looking forward to housing a collection of elegant, colourful, exciting and competitive quilts, to complement the well-loved outdoor main street ‘Airing of the Quilts’.

Prizes (visit the prizes page for details)

  • $ 300.00 for First Prize in Category 1 - sponsored by the Braidwood Community Bank (Bendigo)
  • $ 200.00 the ‘Jill McLeod Award for Excellence in Quilt making’ – all work must be that of the exhibitor
  • $ 100.00 the ‘Viewer’s Choice’

Prizes are generously donated by businesses of Braidwood


  1. My Place’ – A quilt depicting a site, space, spot, or setting in your town or village. (must measure more than 150cms but not more than 250cm)
  2. Contemporary Quilt – piecing, applique, printing, dyeing, embellishment or unusual construction. max size 200cm
  3. Traditional Quilt for a bed (must measure more than 150cms but not more than 250cm.). Any technique. 
  4. Lap Quilt (small quilt must measure less than 160cms). Any technique
  5. Display/Wall Quilt - Any technique max size 200cm
  6. Quilt made of Recycle Fabric - fabric previously used for other purpose eg. dresses, jeans, suits, tee shirts etc.
  7. Quilt made by a Child - 15 years or under (No entry fee). 

Conditions of Entry


  1. Quilters from any area are welcome to enter.
  2. Quilts must not measure more than 250cm on any side
  3. All quilts must have a cloth rod pocket attached to the back at the top, sized to take a 2.5cm dowel
  4. The entrant is responsible for all packing, shipping and insurance of work
  5. Entries may or may not be for sale. BQI will retain a commission of 10% for any works sold.

Indoor Competition

  1. Quilts entered in the Indoor / Exhibition / Competition must not have been entered in the ‘Braidwood Quilt Event’ previously.
  2. $10 entry fee for the first quilt and $5 for each additional quilt.
  3. Entries will close on Friday 26th October 2018. Entry forms with fees must be received by that date. Please send a photograph with the entry form.
  4. All quilts must arrive, with entry form, in Braidwood by Monday 12th November 2018. 

Airing of the Quilts Outdoor Exhibition 

Note: For the first time, Airing of the Quilts will be on both days but taken down overnight

  1. No entry fee applies.
  2. All quilts displayed in the Braidwood ‘Airing of the Quilts’, will be eligible to win a Viewers’ Choice prize of $100.
  3. Entries close 5pm Monday 14 November may be posted to: Braidwood Quilters Inc. PO Box 135 BRAIDWOOD NSW 2622 or completed online.
  4. Hand Delivery - to Braidwood Quilters, between 10am & 4pm on either Friday 10th or 17th November at Braidwood Scout Hall 13 Coghill Street Braidwood or other collection points that may be advertised on our website.
  5. Braidwood Quilters Inc. reserves the right:

• not to accept an entry that does not meet all the criteria;
• to hang as many entries as space permits;
• selection will be made by the Committee and its decision will be final;
• to photograph or permit to be photographed all entries for publication or other appropriate purposes for print or to display on its website.

Phone: 0430 388 111 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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The Braidwood Quilt Event is sponsored by the Braidwood Community Bank